You / U-Pick Info & Tips


  • It is recommended that you wear closed toes shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and bring a cooler to transport your berries home in.
  • Please park in the designated area on the property just between the red and green barns as you enter.
  • We provide buckets for you to pick into and harnesses if you want, and bags to carry your fruit home. You are welcome to bring your own containers to take your fruit home in.
  • Please check in at our You / U-pick stand prior to picking. The stand is under a big white tent just a little walk down the entrance road from the parking.  You will receive some helpful information, picking instructions and directions to the fields.
  • Please only pick ripe blueberries.  Blueberries will not ripen after picking.  Try to pick all of the ripe blueberries of a bush.  This helps the plant and upcoming berries.  Usually, if a berry comes off easily, it’s ready to pick, and a little twist helps.
  • We are always happy to help teach children or newcomers the proper techniques.
  • Please return to the You / U-pick stand after picking or for another bucket.  We will hold your fruit at our You / U-pick stand if you wish, while you get some more!


  • Children are absolutely welcome, but we ask that they be accompanied by an adult while on the property and picking.  My children are always here so they will likely make some fast friends.
  • Please respect any signs or fencing around our farm. We grow a variety of Blueberries that may or may not be available for You/  U-pick or are not ready for harvest yet.
  • Do not litter.  Please use containers provided.
  • No pets allowed.
  • We are a working farm and our daily activities never cease.  Please keep off any farm equipment you may encounter along the way.  You may run across irrigation pipes, and who knows what else, so please be aware.

Thank you and we look forward to your visit!

Available Blueberry varieties based on season and volume

Alapaha, Vernon, Star, Farthing, and Indigo Crisp