About Us

Makewood Plantation was established in 2014, so I could be around my children while working, and hopefully raise a couple of kids able to do something besides Google pictures of the outdoors on their iPads. After a professional life of commercial fishing, sub-sea salvage, and putting out oil well fires, the technicalities of growing blueberries seemed to fit the bill for our property here in Huntsville, allowing our family lots of time together and keeping my mind and back entertained. My 6 year old son Waylon (farm manager), and 4 year old daughter Tizzy (official blueberry taster) live here on the farm with me where we host a non-stop extravaganza of visiting friends and family and manage 11 acres of hi-rent blueberries with 6 additional acres in planning.

Our farm operates commercially to supply the Texas Blueberry Market from April to June. We maintain an on-site sorting, packing, and storage facility, have a small nursery, and have a small orchard of some special little trees that make the most wonderful limes. We also welcome you and yours to come and enjoy the sights and sounds of a full time farm and visit with our family while picking some really tasty blueberries during the season.

Thank You.

Wade Caffarel

In memory of Nia, our beloved Labrador retriever and farm mascot who passed away January 2019.